Streetscape Update

The public input meetings were held January 15 & 16 at the Inland Lakes Elementary School. Approximately 100 people attended over the two nights and by in large the comments and input was positive. The Downtown Development Authority will be working with property owners addressing concerns regarding parking and possible effects of the sidewalks on business.

The DDA will update this website as information becomes available but if you have any concerns or input that you feel would benefit the vision for moving this project forward please come to a DDA meeting. They are held the third Monday of every month and the full schedule is available on the DDA website. The names of the DDA Board Members is also available so feel free to conbtact hem with your concerns, as well.

Below are some notes taken from the public meeting by Tim Knutsen of Beckett and Raeder. Dave Boyle of OHM (formerly NDG) will be providing some more notes and they will be posted soon. To see a pdf of the presentation from the meeting please click here.

Summary of the sticky note comments we received at the meetings

      “ Bus Parking Downtown”

        “Important to connect Cross in Village to town (even if they help) for walking traffic and also to                     encourage tourists to go downtown.”

-Sheree Lincoln, Brass Wind Landing

“Need to accommodate bicycles coming thru town, trail doesn’t work.”

-R. Lincoln

“At bumpouts: where does cross traffic stop? If stopped behind crowsswalk, driver cannot see traffic. Driver must pull forward blocking cross walk hile trying to determine if it is safe to proceed.”

-Darryl Pfister,

                                 “While considering safety & connecting places of interest, consider people                    

                                   walking to  Green Docks or Prospect.”

“Any chance of improving the safety of where the North Central Trail crosses M-68? Striping, caution light? Other?

-Dorothy Johnson

“Will a flashing yellow be added to help at cross areas”

“Do not like bump outs. Snow plowing narrow at corner where it should be wider.”

“Why not a bumpout to correspond with South St?”

“What do we do with pavement in front of our buildings across from South S(south side)?

“Accessibility to Marina Park off of Straits Hwy?”

-Kristin S.                

“(Regarding the memorial park on the east side of M-68. Across from Lake St.): “Not possible. Need to leave as green space for community events and town Christmas tree.”

-Sallie Snyder

“To Twp. Supervisors, Enforce the existing blight ordinance! Especially south of town on Straits Hwy…”


Preliminary engineering plans are in development for the Streetscape with tentative construction dates starting sometime in late 2018 and/or early 2019. The Tuscarora Township Downtown Development Authority is eager to hear your thoughts on developing the plan. The most effective way to have your voice heard is to attend one of two meetings to be held at the Inland Lakes Elementary School on January 15 or January 16, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. This is your town and you have a vested interest in how it looks!

The DDA liaison is Dan Nivelt who will be staying in contact with Northwest Design Group's Dave Boyle and Beckett & Rader's Tim Knutson who are the principle engineers for the Streetscape. Feel free to contact Dan or any member of the DDA Board with your concerns. You may also email the board at

The proposed plans will begin at the north end of town (River St.) and finish at the corner of M-68 and S. Straits Hwy.  The components of the plan are new, wider sidewalks on both sides of the road, new street lighting and relocation of the utility lines and poles. The plans for the utilities are tentative, but the desired result is to reduce the number of line crossings over Straits Hwy. from approximately forty-five to five. This would entail moving a majority of the poles to the east side of the road. Other strategies have been discussed and we will update the website as the plan becomes clearer.

We will be updating this site within a week after each DDA meeting. There is also a supplemental site that may be viewed for more current and historical information regarding the streetscape project at .

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