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Posted on: May 20, 2021

Board authorizes additional sewer funding applications

 At a special township board meeting on Thursday, May, 20th, the board voted to proceed with actions on the sewer project:  The Board approved

-  A  $14.88 million legislation request to Senator Stabenow for the sewer system  (80-20 EPA STAG grant)

-  A  $14.88 million legislation request to Senator Peters for the sewer system (80-20 EPA STAG grant)

-  A request to the Michigan EGLE State Revolving Fund by the June 1 application deadline for phase 1 and 2 residential sewers.

 - Authority to amend our legislation request to Congressman Bergman to show our request to the State Revolving fund and request to be placed on the Intended Use Plan (IUP).

 -  Authorization to start the process to apply for Phase 2 residential sewer (area south of Mack Ave, $5.3 million)

The board reviewed status of Phase 1 USDA application (area north of Mack Avenue).  The application is under USDA review for acceptance.  We expect to submit the final application to USDA early next week.

Health Department.  In order to get a sizeable grant from USDA to keep homeowners’ costs down, the USDA needs a letter from the Health Department stating that 51% of the homes in the new sewer district could not meet today’s code. Performance Engineering did a study showing that due to small lot size, about 70% of the properties were to small too meet distance requirements in today’s code.   The health department declined to provide the letter.  The township has asked for a meeting and are still awaiting a response.

If the township does not get an agreement to meet by May 26th, the Board authorized requesting assistance from Michigan state legislators to facilitate a meeting.



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