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Sewer Connection Application

Ordinance 28 (Sewer)

The sanitary sewer system in the commercial district was ready for hook-ups on July 27, 2015. A Cheboygan County Plumbing Permit Application is required prior to hooking up to the system. The application may be obtained at the Cheboygan County Department of Building Safety located on the first floor of the Cheboygan County Building, 870 S. Main Street, Cheboygan. Or, you may download the application from the Cheboygan County website: A Tuscarora Township Sewer Connection application is also required. Contact the township clerk to receive an application.

Once the property lead is ready for connection to the sanitary sewer system the owner (or the owner’s plumber) must contact the Township for an inspection of the final connection. Please provide 48 hours notification to the Township to schedule the inspection. Do not backfill the lead connection prior to inspection by the Township. Use of the sanitary sewer system can commence once all final inspections are approved.

Map of Tuscarora Township Sewer District